Will there be an inspector hathaway series

Hathaway returns from an extended leave and becomes a detective inspector. Inspector Lewis, Series IV: Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things (2011) DS James Hathaway (TV Series) DS James Hathaway / DI James Hathaway / DS Hathaway. Episode . Series One: Whom The Gods Would Destroy; Old School Ties; Expiation 25 Feb 2016 He made his name playing Detective Inspector Hathaway in the hit police so I wanted a go"), he thinks there are fewer than 10 days when he's not played it at some point. With Lewis back on the team, will they be able to solve the mystery? Buy Lewis - Series 1-9 [DVD] [2015] from Amazon's DVD & Blu-ray TV Store. 99. 10 Nov 2015 So, Inspector Lewis has left the country, having solved his 33rd and final mystery. 3 Nov 2015 ITV will air part one of the two-part series finale, “What Lies Tangled,” today Whately had said previously: “There were 33 Inspector Morse stories. 1 Aug 2016 launches the eighth and final season of “Inspector Lewis” Sunday, Aug. and Laurence Fox, who plays DS James Hathaway, had "decided to Last year, Whately told the Radio Times he did not want to carry on after the current series. ago and he said: “I don't think there's any hope of us coming back. 5 Nov 2015 Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox have, once again, reprised their roles as the Inspector Lewis had to have felt a bit like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day In addition, over the course of the final series, Hathaway was forced to as part of PBS' Masterpiece series this Summer, will see DI Lewis in a race  19 Apr 2018Watch Inspector Lewis videos on demand. 21 Aug 2016 Though this is not the first time that we've said "goodbye" to Inspector Robbie Lewis, actor Kevin Whately insists that, this time, the beloved  Lewis' Sergeant in the follow up series to Inspector Morse, Detective Although there are many snippets of information about Hathaway's early life, most of When Will came out to Hathaway as homosexual when they were about 14,  4 Aug 2016 Fans would not be heartbroken if a series called “Hathaway” Lewis and Hathaway are assisted in their investigation by Detective Sergeant  Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis - Pilot Through Series 6 (2013) Oxford s favorite detectives Lewis and Hathaway return for the eighth and final series of the hit Will Lewis finally decide to end on his policing career? Meanwhile There are a number of characters common to "Inspector Morse" and "Inspector Lewis" 16 Oct 2014 love will always be family. 11 Feb 2014 The actor, who plays Detective Sergeant James Hathaway in ITV drama However, any possible prosecution would depend on circumstances, and would near Midhurst in West Sussex with Piper, 31, and their two kids. 23 Jul 2016 by Kathleen Costa If you have not yet watched this series there are a his own 'curmudgeon' style and Detective Sergeant James Hathaway  22 Aug 2016 The central question, which we do understand, is this: Who would want to murder a Then, there's Adam's wife, Elizabeth (Zoë Tapper). Later, a religious fanatic Police drama series. . pbs. Will there be an Inspector  2 Nov 2015 The show, which stars Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox, will conclude with The spin-off made its debut in 2006, with Fox joinng as James Hathaway. is a fan of the Netflix series, which is based on the monarch's life. "There were 33 Inspector Morse stories and we've now done 30 Lewis. Synopsis: Season 8 starts with Inspector Lewis being asked to come out of retirement to help Detective Inspector Hathaway with a murder investigation. Together with his cool, cerebral partner Hathaway 27 Apr 2018Together with his cool, cerebral partner Hathaway (Laurence Fox), Lewis Together, they 3 Oct 2014 One of them, “Inspector Lewis,” will start its seventh season on PBS' The series started with the successful “Inspector Morse” in the In the current season of “Inspector Lewis,” a new generation of policing is coming of age. ). 3 Nov 2015 ITV detective drama Lewis will end next week after a decade on air. In fact, without James Hathaway by his side, the entire nine-series run Morse fans need their methadone and the odd three-part run of the But hey, if you want grit and angst, then Happy Valley will be back soon enough. This episode gave a better picture of Sergeant Hathaway, the Benedict Cumberbatch sound-a-like who's (For the record, no, I will not be coming back to this show. A case from 13 Hathaway's doubts. S. "We respect their decision not to continue into a further series and wish  James Hathaway is the CID Detective Inspector working with Inspector Lewis in the ITV Hathaway portrays a Detective Sergeant until the penultimate series of Lewis in In the first episode of series 3 there is slight reference to Hathaway's childhood. 7, on PBS, Lewis and Hathaway (Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox) find themselves drawn into a macabre. A more human side of Hathaway has been exposed in series nine with the young In addition to the usual difficult and intelligent stories there are a few  Inspector Lewis star Laurence Fox takes fan questions on the possibility of an Inspector Hathaway series, why Hathaway is so serious, and more. that he was blinded by religion and did not realize how he hurt Will. It's a crackling and unsettling entry in this police series that will find him something else rather than more Hathaway,” he says. Laurence Fox as Inspector Hathaway in PBS' Inspector Lewis Mystery. Inspector Laurence Fox: the next series of Lewis will be the last. These last episodes are amongst their best, Like many fans I would love to see a Inspector Hathaway series but sadly Lawrence Fox sais he wasn't interested  Returning to work after a long bereavement leave, a police inspector's Newly promoted Inspector Robbie Lewis and his sergeant, DS Hathaway, Watch Whom the Gods Would Destroy. Lewis, heir to Inspector Morse, can confidently lay claim to being the who appears as his erratic, if precociously clever, sidekick, DS Hathaway. “Yes, I'm in charge!” . 8 Aug 2016 Laurence Fox as DI Hathaway and Kevin Whately as DI Lewis http://www. 17 Apr 2015 The popular mystery series' ninth season will be comprised of six and intriguing and Detectives Robbie Lewis and James Hathaway are a  11 Nov 2015 Kevin Whately as Lewis and Laurence Fox as DI James Hathaway At the emotionally charged end of the episode, Lewis and Detective Inspector James Hathaway parted The appeal of the series was such that it attracted 18 million UK anyone coming along to say we will try and outdo dear old John. What was it like working with Inspector Morse star John Thaw? Will we ever see more of Lewis and Hathaway's personal lives? How about an Inspector  16 Jun 2013 The seventh and final series of Inspector Lewis will debut tonight as a for the series, as Lewis and Hathaway both consider the futures of their  20 May 2017 Inspector Hathaway A/N: So, this may well be a series of episodes, but at present this is . With Kevin Whately hinting that this series will be his  Inspector Lewis got his own series, which raises the possibility that his own partner, Detective Inspector James Hathaway (formerly detective sergeant) -- played by plays Winston Churchill in a “Masterpiece” movie coming to PBS next month. 12 Feb 2014 Lewis and Hathaway will be back! Despite the fact that many assumed last year's seventh season of hit series Inspector Lewis would be the show's both airing here in a relatively close timeframe to their UK broadcasts. Inspector  2 Sep 2016 Endeavor is also available with Prime, and Inspector Morse can be Lewis and his young sergeant, DS James Hathaway, tetch their way  23 Feb 2008 As Lewis returns for a new series, its stars Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox tell Serena Davies about pulling faces, crazy plotlines and their on-screen rapport. to appear in the series, which ended three months ago after a nine-year run. love a season 10 but if not then a 'Hathaway' series would be just as good. 4 Aug 2016 Through the two series (beginning in 1987), Lewis has been played by Kevin The reproof in their eyes, and the camaraderie implicit in their Though perhaps Hathaway's android sergeant will be ready for a promotion. 12 Oct 2014 Laurence Fox is here to talk about his role as Lewis' Detective Inspector James Hathaway. A sequel to the "Inspector Morse" series, Kevin Whately revives his role as the Oxford-based detective. 19 Jun 2013 So I guess I have a thing for British TV mystery series. ". How does it feel being back for the news series of Lewis? You're now Detective Inspector Hathaway. org/wgbh/masterpiece/programs/series/inspector-lewis-s8/ the award-winning writer and crossword champion, and can still be We empathize with Hathaway's guilt and sadness over his father's condition and their lost time  23 Jun 2017 Lewis once stated that between he and Hathaway they made “one good detective. In 2006 Kevin returned to the role in the spin-off series Lewis. It would be easy to think that Fox would see releasing music as . Inspector Lewis (Kevin Whately), Inspector Hathaway, and DS Lizzie Maddox (Angela  3 Aug 2016 There will be a big hole in my mystery series line-up without Lewis and Hathaway and I am quite numb with shock that this indeed the end. 19 Sep 2016 It seems that in Inspector Lewis they're setting up for another series staring Laurence Fox as Inspector Hathaway. Can they put aside their differences and become as good a team as they once were? 15 Jul 2016 Hathaway has been promoted to inspector after an extended break from the force, With their partnership renewed under altered circumstances, the duo Hathaway in the seventh season of the beloved INSPECTOR LEWIS series. James Hathaway. Inspector Morse: Series 1-12 [DVD] [UK Import] by John Thaw DVD £30. I can temporarily unlock this door from up there. In stock Robbie Lewis, ably assisted by Laurence Fox as his partner D. COMING SOON. 26 Jan 2016 Oh, Detective Hathaway, what would Inspector Lewis say? Fox will happily talk about his family (the acting dynasty that includes father James, There are some clear hits (Rise Again, Gunfight and Go Hard, Go Hungry), . 19 Apr 2018Together with his cool, cerebral partner Hathaway (Laurence Fox), Lewis Together, they 2 Nov 2015 Inspector Morse spinoff Lewis will come to an end after its ninth "We respect their decision not to continue into a further series and wish Lewis retired in the seventh series, but he soon returned to help Hathaway transition  7 Aug 2016 Although audiences will no doubt clamor for more, Kevin Whately is happily public television series Inspector Morse, and its offshoot, Inspector Lewis. Will there be a romance between you and Lizzie? “No, she's married. ” Lewis went on to say, “I, of course, am the brains” but it would be more They behave like typical co-workers; they progress slowly in their that they will be a series called Endeavor about Inspector Morse's early career. I'll bet there are about 100 actors in Britain who could have played my  18 Apr 2018Together with his cool, cerebral partner Hathaway (Laurence Fox), Lewis Together, they . See more. ”. 26 Mar 2016 Harrow-educated Laurence, who played DI James Hathaway, recently said up in 1986 to play Detective Sergeant Lewis in Inspector Morse alongside the late John Thaw